Get juuust the right amount of help you need for your B2B tech content marketing and brand storytelling efforts

Hiello! I’m Yee Lin, your multidisciplinary content marketing expert.


I have 9 years of experience across global markets and tech verticals including digital media, B2B SaaS, commerce, and software consultancy.
I deliver impactful strategies and content that startup, scaleup, and consultancy teams need to engage, convert, and retain the right audience for their business.

Struggling to connect with your audience?

Every brand has a unique story to tell, and every customer wants to feel seen, understood, and valued. Together, I'll help you bridge this gap with content that resonates with those you want to reach - no matter the platform or funnel/flywheel stage. Go from just sharing information to connecting with your target audience in a way that inspires action and conversion.

Overwhelmed with your content needs and not sure where to start?

Move away from confusion to clarity. I'm here to help you navigate all your content marketing needs - whether it's writing compelling content, building an efficient content team, or delivering an impactful content strategy. You handle the vision, I'll handle everything else - from ideation to execution.

Seeking content with a human touch in an increasingly AI-dominated space?

Harness the best of both worlds. AI can help us do grunt work like ideation and outlining, while we dive deep into strategic and creative storytelling. Together, we'll create people-first and AI-augmented content that deeply engages and meets your audience's search intent authentically. Build genuine relationships and leave a lasting impression that fuels brand loyalty and growth.

My services for your B2B tech company:

  • Content strategy

  • Content marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • Copywriting & editing

  • Content creation, process, and workflow

  • On-page SEO implementation

  • Content marketing project management

  • Content team building and development

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