Do This One Thing If You Never Have Enough Time For Anything

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Time management.

It sucks.

I’ve tried and tested a bunch of ways to be more productive and effectively manage my time better.

The one thing that’s stood out for me thus far is time blocking.

What’s that?


It’s the act of blocking out a specific amount of time on your calendar to complete a task.

I find that it helps me be more productive, and it increases my efficiency in generating content and fresh marketing ideas.

Here are 3 ways how time blocking can help you:

1. Prevents mental burnout

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Feeling physically and/or mentally tired from doing something to the point of stress and depression is bad. Real bad.

And here’s the thing…

Sometimes, you don’t even notice that you’re reaching the point of mental combustion till it happens because you’re too deep into it.

It’s happened to me before.

To avoid this, I did some reflection and decided to start using time blocking.

Now I use this method to break up my creative sprints into separate time slots to ensure that I take a mental break from concentrating on the same thing for too long.

For example, I’ll spend an hour or so on ideation.

Then, I’ll work on something else to let my mind rest.

Later, I’ll work on producing the idea(s) I created earlier once my mind’s all refreshed like icy cold lemon water.

2. Deadlines improve productivity

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Have you ever noticed how you’re more efficient towards the end of a deadline?

I have.

Setting a time block on a task gives me just the right amount of pressure I need to get my work done on time.

Knowing that I have a finite amount of time to get something done makes me go into overdrive and I sort of get an adrenaline rush from completing my task(s).

My laptop’s clock is even set to show the seconds going by so I’m always aware of my looming deadline.

3. Declutters the mind

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With time blocking, I’m able to “Marie Kondo” my mental clutter and know exactly how much time I have to spare.

I essentially block out the rest of the world out to work on my time blocked task.

And I no longer wonder where all my time went.


Marie Kondo via GIPHY

So, what are your thoughts on time blocking to improve productivity and for effective time management?

Share your comments or tips on improving productivity and time management below! 😄

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