Solo Traveller: Where To Stay In Hakone For Private Onsen


As a solo traveller on a budget, you really need to scrutinise the comfort, security, and price of your accommodation.

And if you’re visiting Hakone and want to stay at an affordable place that offers private onsens, then you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s my personal recommendation when I visit Hakone during my 3D2N trip to Hakone and Fuji.

Hakone Sumeisou’s Posada annex is great for solo travellers!

Hakone Sumeisou is a spa resort hotel that’s in walking distance from the Hakone-Yumoto station.

It has an annex building opposite from it called Posada, which is specifically for solo travellers.

This is where I recommend you stay during your travels.

Posada looks like a small apartment building.

Its rooms are small, but hey, if you’re a solo traveller, that’s not gonna be an issue since you’ll probably be spending most of your time outdoors anyway. That was the case for me, at least.

Their public and private onsens and check-in counter are located at the main building – Hakone Sumeisou.

I decided to stay there because I wanted to take advantage of their private onsen.

Overall, I was very satisfied with the service, clean room, and private onsen. And most importantly, I felt safe when I was there.

Why stay at Hakone Posada?

  • A room per night costs less than 500 ringgit/120 USD – Most hotel rooms in Hakone cost about RM1,000+/night. Ryokans or inns will cost about RM500/night. I paid just RM300/night for a room at Posada.
  • In walking distance from Hakone-Yumoto station – It’s only about a 200m walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station, which is one of Hakone’s main train stations.
  • Conveniently located behind a street of food shops and convenience stores
  • Affordable private onsen – You can rent one of their private onsens at 2,000 yen/50minutes (19 USD, 78 ringgit). This is perfect for people with tattoos like me because most public onsens in Japan do not allow tattooed guests.

According to their website, Posada room prices start from:

  • 7,850 yen (73 USD / RM305 ringgit) for weekdays
  • 9,350 yen (87 USD / RM363 ringgit) for weekends

The non-smoking room I got was very clean and cozy. I made my RM300/night booking through Agoda.

If you want to do the same, don’t forget to make your Posada Sumeisou room booking through ShopBack so you can get cashback! 😉

Have you found any other nice and affordable places to stay in Hakone? Let me know in the comment section below!

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