7 Cool And Personalised Gifts In Malaysia That Don’t Suck


Every time I Google “personalised gifts Malaysia”, I get the usual list of custom pens, mugs, wooden engravings (who actually uses these things?!), coasters, photo frames, and so on.


So here’s my curated list of custom and personalised gifts in Malaysia. They’re also great secret Santa gift ideas, heh!

1. Personalised map from Petagraphy

Petagraphy's Malaysian city map options
Petagraphy’s Malaysian city map options. Photo source: Petagraphy

Petagraphy is an online shop with a wide selection of modern and minimalistic maps of Malaysian cities as well as other famous cities around the world. They have ’em in white and black. And if you can’t find the city you’re looking for, then you can always make a request to Petagraphy.

Prices range between RM79 – RM189 and map sizes include:

  • 30cm x 40cm
  • 40cm x 50cm
  • 50cm x 70cm
  • 61cm x 91cm

What’s cool about Petagraphy is that they let you customise all the text lines on the poster and that they provide free shipping to all parts of Malaysia.

Customised maps are perfect gifts for:

  • cartophiles
  • the homesick
  • people with state pride

I bought the Penang one and paired it with a RM89 Ikea RIBBA frame.

2. A terrarium for people who love plants but can’t keep them alive

Tiny Forest Terrariums products
Tiny Forest Terrariums’ products. Photo source: Tiny Forest Terrariums

A terrarium makes for a very cool gift, especially since it’s a self-sustainable ecosystem. Great for people with a green(less) thumb.

A terrarium is basically a sealed container that usually has soil, moss, plants, and rocks/pebbles. It’s indoor gardening that’ll look great as decor in any home!

Some shops that sell these mini gardens are:

3. Monogrammed and minimalist leather goods from Dainty Co.

Dainty Co. personalised leather pouch and luggage tag
Dainty Co. monogrammed leather pouch and luggage tag. Photo source: Dainty Co./Instagram

A lot of the personalised leather goods I find online in Malaysia don’t suit my taste. The custom parts of the leather goods usually look bulky and just plain… meh.

I prefer modern, minimal personalisation on leather goods.

That’s why I was really excited when I first found Dainty Co.‘s online shop.

Why I like Dainty Co.:

  • They can monogram your selection
  • They use 100% saffiano leather
  • Their products are reasonably priced (under RM200)
Dainty Co. personalised monogram leather good product collection
Dainty Co. leather good collection. Photo source: Dainty Co.

4. Food cushions

Pineapple tart cushion. Photo source: Nom Nom Plush

Are you the Secret Santa of a foodie?

Why not get them a food cushion?

It’s a bigger version of the yummy noms we usually like to eat, and it’ll never go bad!

This is more of a fun gag gift, so it’s best to give it to someone who’ll actually keep it.

You can buy your food cushions online from:

Most of these cost less than RM100.

5. Local Malaysian card games

The Lepak Game Malaysian card game
The Lepak Game cards. Photo source: Rojak Culture/Facebook

What better to celebrate being Malaysian than to give the gift of a local card game?

We actually have some pretty awesome local card games, which are great gifts, especially for your friends or family that are overseas.

Here are some local Malaysian card games you can buy online or at Naiise:

  • The Lepak Game – A funny Malaysian word-matching game
  • Politiko – A card game on winning the Malaysian general election
  • Rimba – An educational card game on Malaysian animals
  • The Malaysian Dream – An interactive card game by MGAG where you can sabotage, complain, and pay your way to become the perfect Malaysian

6. Personalised and minimalist jewellery from Made Different Co.

Made Difference Co personalised heart bracelet
Made Different Co personalised heart bracelet. Photo source: Made Different Co/Facebook

I’m sure you’re beginning to see a pattern in my list here, with the keyword being minimalist.

Well, guilty as charged.

I like my stuff modern and minimalistic.

And Made Different Co certainly does that with their classic jewellery.

This Singapore-based online store also personalises a bunch of their products including bracelets, bangles, pendants, and more.

Prices range between RM70+ to RM1,400+.

7. Personalised candles for them fancy people

Lilin + Co scented candle. Photo source: Lilin + Co/Instagram

There’s nothing fancier than lighting a scented candle with your name on it. Mm mm mmm. Imagine getting a candle that’s either neroli & ylang ylang, black tea & lychee, or even strawberry & champagne scented.


There are some local candle makers like the ones below that’ll even printed personalised labels for your candles:

Oh, and this shop, Wunderbath, doesn’t sell personalised candles, but they do have some really interesting candles that’ll make great gifts regardless.

Wunderbath teh tarik and nasi lemak candles
Wunderbath teh tarik and nasi lemak candles. Photo source: Wunderbath

What other cool or personalised gift ideas can you think of? Share them in the comment section below! 😉

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