What Is Content Marketing And Why Is It Important For Your Business?

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Before we start on content marketing, let’s talk about ads.

You see ads everywhere in real life.

On billboards, TV, flyers, car wraps, even on people (t-shirts heh).

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But do all these hard-sell ads make you wanna buy the advertised product or service?

Probably not.



What’s in it for you?

Think about that for a second.

What’s in it for you, the consumer, if you buy that advertised product or service?

Value – that’s what ultimately drives people to take action.

If something’s valuable enough to a consumer, the likelihood of them spending their money for it is probably pretty high.

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And that’s where content marketing comes in.

Content marketing is a soft-sell, strategic marketing approach of creating unique and valuable content that’s relevant to your target market, which helps them solve their problems.

It helps you build a loyal audience that’s willing to spend money on you.

So it’s not about providing information on your product.

It’s about providing information that’s important to your target market.

It’s about them, not you.

Basically, you sell to people without actually selling to people. Yup, that’s where inception comes in… Dun dun dun.

Ok, example time!

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I’m not gonna use something such as health, because meh, that’s so generic.

Let’s try this with something that’s more niche like… a car battery delivery app!

Okay, so say your target market for the app is made up people who are:

  • 25 – 40 years old
  • urban workers
  • living Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Here are some examples of informative and relevant content you can create for them:

  • Raya Guide: A 10-Point Car Safety Checklist That’s Easy And Comprehensive
  • 5 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Your Car Battery
  • 9 Relaxing Road Trip Destinations Near KL For Stressed Out Workers
  • 7 Awesome Malaysian Car Apps That Will Save You Time And Money
  • 3 Top Things To Ask Yourself Before Buying A New Car
  • New vs. Used – Car Buying Tips And Advice From 5 Industry Experts

Notice how none of these examples specifically talk about the car battery delivery app. Instead, they help solve issues that your target market may face.

This sort of content keeps them coming back for more, and it makes them more familiar with and loyal to your brand. Eventually, they’ll look to you as an authority. They trust you to provide great, credible content. And they’ll trust you to provide a great product/service.

So they end up buying from you.

And that’s what content marketing is all about – giving value, building an engaged audience, gaining trust, and eventually becoming the brand of choice for consumers.

So how does content marketing fit in a marketing funnel?

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What’s great about content marketing is that you can insert pieces of relevant content specific to each stage in the customer journey.

Here’s how content marketing fits into every stage of your marketing funnel:

  1. Awareness – top funnel (TOFU)
  2. Consideration – mid funnel (MOFU)
  3. Conversion – bottom funnel (BOFU)

Awareness – top funnel (TOFU)

At this stage, people are becoming aware of your brand. You want to create attention-grabbing content at the TOFU level of the marketing funnel. Provide information that’s relevant and important to your target market in the form of:

  • informative blog posts
  • social media posts
  • how-to videos
  • and infographics

Consideration – mid funnel (MOFU)

A person enters your mid funnel once they’re aware of you and have consumed several pieces of top funnel content. Here’s where you create more content like:

  • quizzes
  • webinars
  • and ebooks

The content should be centered around your product type – e.g.: a quiz on the best type of car battery for your car. This helps guide them as they start to consider buying from you.

Conversion – bottom funnel (BOFU)

Now here’s where you go in for the kill sale. Content that’s great at the conversion stage of the funnel includes:

  • case studies
  • testimonials
  • comparison posts
  • and product features

This helps paints a clearer picture of your brand for the consumer. They can imagine themselves using your product or service with this kind of content. Here’s also where you can focus more on your product or service.

Always remember, value first.

Highlight benefits over features.

How can content marketing help a business?

Content marketing can be used to:

  • increase sales
  • increase brand presence
  • improve customer loyalty
  • save money on marketing cost/lead generation

The only way content marketing can reach its full potential for you and your business is through quality content.

There are brands out there that use content marketing to churn out tons and tons of unfocused content, which eventually feels like spam. And when people perceive you as spamming them, their trust and loyalty in you will decrease.


You don’t want to be that brand, do you?

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Use these key considerations when developing your content marketing strategy:

  1. Define your content marketing goals – Sales? Trial signups? What’s your jam?
  2. Determine and analyse your target audience – Who are they? What’s their demographic and psychographic data?
  3. Create a customer avatar – Who is your ideal customer? Where do they go for information? What social media channels are they on most of the time?
  4. Create your content pillars – E.g. for car battery delivery app: Car battery basics, Car care tips and tricks, Industry updates and news
  5. Do keyword research – Find out the keywords your audience uses for the topics related to your brand, product or service

Too much info? Not sure how to incept your target audience with quality, soft-selling content? No problem. Get in touch with me now to get a powerful content marketing strategy for your business.

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